How to Create Web Pages
Put them up on VAweb

Here are links to the slides for a workshop, which was first given at VA Linux Linux Systems in the spring of 2000.

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  1. What you will learn in this course
  2. Creating and Serving Web Pages
  3. HTML and the World Wide Web
  4. HTML is Plain Text
  5. Where to Install Your HTML Files
  6. Create Your Own Personal HTML Directory
  7. Netscape Composer is one WYSIWYG Editor
  8. Converting a StarOffice Document to HTML
  9. Putting a Directory (Folder) of Files up on the Web
  10. Exercise: Make a Directory of Your Files Accessible on VAweb
  11. HTML is Plain Text
  12. Viewing the HTML Source
  13. About HTML Tags
  14. The Basic HTML Framework
  15. The Nesting Order of the 4 Manditory Containers
  16. Create a Basic HTML Page
  17. HTML Tags XEmacs Created
  18. Tags and Attributes
  19. Page Background Colors
  20. Organizing and Formatting Text
  21. Organizing with Breaks and Paragraphs
  22. Why use <P>?
  23. Using Headings
  24. Organizing with Horizontal Rules (lines)
  25. Center and Division Tags
  26. Organizing and Formatting Text and Format Text
  27. Types of Text Formatting
  28. Relative Text Formatting
  29. Exercise: Adding text formatting
  30. Font Formatting
  31. Font Formatting Attributes
  32. Exercise: Add Font Formatting
  33. Introduction to Lists
  34. Ordered and Unordered Lists
  35. List Attributes
  36. Definition Lists
  37. Nesting Lists
  38. Exercise: Using Lists
  39. Adding Images to Web Pages
  40. Where to Find Images
  41. Save Images that are on Web Pages
  42. Image Formats
  43. The IMG Tag
  44. IMG Tag Attibutes
  45. Image Sizing and Scaling
  46. Positioning Images
  47. Exercise: Change the Position and Size of Images on a Web Page
  48. Exercise: Insert Images on a Web Page
  49. Changing the Background
  50. Exercise: Add a Background Image
  51. Creating Hyperlinks
  52. Adding a Link to a Web Page
  53. What You Can Use as a Link
  54. Making a Graphic a Hyperlink
  55. Exercise: Add hyperlinks to an HTML document.
  56. Creating a Form
  57. How HTML Forms Work
  58. Text Input
  59. TEXTAREA Attributes
  60. Clearing and Submitting a Form
  61. Emailing the Data on the Form
  62. Exercise: Create a Simple Form
  63. Using Netscape Composer
  64. Putting Documents on VAweb
  65. Getting Permission
  66. How are Files Organized on VAweb?
  67. What's in index.shtml and main.html?
  68. Changing index.shtml and main.html
  69. Moving Files from public_html to ~vaweb
  70. Exercise: Move Files from public_html to ~vaweb
  71. Recap: What We Have Covered
  72. What Now?
You might also like to check out the HTML and Linux Quick Reference, which you can find at

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This workshop is based on DigitalThink's HTML Fundamental I course.

I appreciate comments, corrections, and
suggestions for how I can improve this course.

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If you want to learn how to search effectively using Google, visit Google Guide, which you can find at