Change the position and size of images on a Web page.

Little cat Bigger cat Even bigger cat Biggest cat

Improve the placement of the four images.
  1. Copy the file penguins.html to your public html directory.
    cp ~nblachman/html/penguins.html ~/public_html
  2. Check that you have an images directory in your public html directory.
    ls ~/public_html/images
    If ls tells you you don't have such a directory, create one.
    mkdir ~/public_html/images
  3. Copy the images in the directory ~nblachman/html/images to your public html images directory.
    cp ~nblachman/html/images/* ~/public_html/images
  4. Change directories to ~/public_html using the command
    cd ~/public_html
  5. Edit the file ~/public_html/penguins.html using your favorite editor or XEmacs, by using the command
    xemacs penguins.html &
  6. Bring up another terminal window. In that window, change to your image directory.
    cd public_html/images
    Use file to examine the size of the images that are in the file by typing
    file imageFile
    where imageFile is the name of each image file.
  7. Change the position and size of the penguin images in the file using the IMG attributes HEIGHT, WIDTH, HSPACE, VSPACE, BORDER, ALIGN. and by placing the IMG tag before or after a <p> or <br> tag or containing the IMG tag inside a beginning and close <center> tag.
  8. Examine your page in your browser.
    1. In the location window of your browser, type vaweb.valinux.com/~user/penguins.html to view your page, where user is the name you use to login to your system.
    1. If you weren't able to open your Web page, then from the File menu in Navigator, choose the "Open Page". The Open Page dialog box appears
    2. Click the "Choose File" button. The file browser appears.
    3. Navigate to your public_html directory. The name of your html file will now appear in the Files box.
    4. Click on the file and then hit the return key or click the "OK" button at the button left of the dialog box. Then click "Open in Navigator" in the Open Page dialog box. You should always check your work in your browser.
  9. Add the VA Linux Systems' logo to the bottom of the page.
    1. In one of your terminal windows, find out the size of the VA logo, which is in the image diretory in the file valogo-header.gif with the command
      file ~/public_html/images/valogo-header.gif
    2. Edit the file ~/public_html/penguins.html using your favorite editor or XEmacs, by using the command
      xemacs penguins.html &
    3. After the horizontal line and before the end of the body of the page, add an image tag for the VA logo.
    4. Examine your page in your browser, as described above.
    5. Adjust the image attributes of the image tag for the logo so it centered and fits nicely on the page.

VA Linux Systems logo

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