Add text formatting.

Add font changes to add more emphasis to certain words or phrases and to make the document more legible and visually appealing.
  1. Copy ~nblachman/html/GIFvsJPEG.html to your public_html directory.
    cp ~nblachman/html/GIFvsJPEG.html ~/public_html
  2. Change directories to ~/public_html
    cd ~/public_html
  3. Edit the file using your favorite editor or XEmacs. To use XEmacs, type
    xemacs GIFvsJPEG.html &
    • Add paragraph, line breaks, and horizontal rules wherever you think they're needed.
    • Add some text formatting tags to improve the page's visual appeal and to pinpoint important words and phrases.
  4. Save your exercise file.
  5. Examine your page in your browser.
    1. In the location window of your browser, type
      to view your page, where "user" is the name you use to login to your system.
    1. From the File menu in Navigator, choose the "Open Page" from the File menu. The Open Page dialog box appears
    2. Click the "Choose File" button. The file browser appears.
    3. Navigate to your public_html directory. The name of your html file will now appear in the Files box.
    4. Click on the file and then hit the return key or click the "OK" button at the button left of the dialog box. Then click "Open in Navigator" in the Open Page dialog box. You should always check your work in your browser.

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