Create a Basic HTML Page

  1. Inside one of your terminal windows, change to your personal html directory, using the command
    cd ~/public_html
    If the directory doesn't exist, create it with
    mkdir ~/public_html
  2. Use your favorite editor to create the file
    and enter the text below and saving the file.

             <TITLE> My First Page </TITLE>
              Welcome to my personal Web page.

    Save the file.

    If you don't have a favorite editor, then type the command

    xemacs first.html &
    1. XEmacs might ask you for your email address at the bottom of the window. Make corrections as appropriate.
    2. XEmacs will ask for your document title at the bottom of the window, enter
      My First Page
    3. Save the document that xemacs created by clicking the Save button.
    4. Exit XEmacs by selecting Exit from the File menu.
  3. Examine your page by entering the URL
    in your browser, where username is the name your computer uses for you.

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