Netscape Composer is one WYSIWYG Editor

From the Communicator menu from Navigator, select Composer.

  1. Type your name at the top of the page.
  2. Make your name bold by selecting your name with the mouse and clicking on the bold A.
  3. Enlarge your name, by selecting the font size +4 (default is +0).
  4. Return the font to plain by clicking to the right of your name and hitting the enter key and the clicking on the the bold A. Return to the default size by selecting the font size +0.
  5. Type "My favorite movies are".
  6. Select the numbered bullet list to the right of the 4 A's and then type in at least 2 of your favorite movies. Hit the enter key after each one. You should see a # sign in front of your two favorite movies.
  7. Complete the list by clicking on the bullet list again.
  8. Save the page in your public html directory, ~/public_html/movies.html, which is shorthand for the file /home/user/public_html/movies.html, where user is your login name.
  9. Examine your page in your browser.
    1. In the location window of your browser, type
      to view your page, where user is the name you use to login to your system.
    1. If you weren't able to open your Web page, then from the File menu in Navigator, choose the "Open Page". The Open Page dialog box appears
    2. Click the "Choose File" button. The file browser appears.
    3. Navigate to your public_html directory. The name of your html file will now appear in the Files box.
    4. Click on the file and then hit the return key or click the "OK" button at the button left of the dialog box. Then click "Open in Navigator" in the Open Page dialog box. You should always check your work in your browser.

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