What You Can Use as a Link
Learn how to specify a link using relative pathnames and absolute pathnames.

You can link to a document in another by directory by specifying the relative path from the current document to the linked document.

For example, a link to a file

located in the subdirectory
would be
<A HREF="products/Fullon.html">Fullon</A>

There are several advantages to relative links:

  • It's more efficient connecting to the server.
  • There's less to type.
  • It's easier to move a group of documents to another location (beca8se the relative path names will still be valid).

You can also use the absolute pathname (the complete URL) of the file.

<A HREF="http://vaweb.valinux.com/Marketing/products/Fullon.html">Fullon</A>

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