Changing index.shtml and main.html
Learn how to change index.shmtl and main.html to suit your needs.

I recommend changing index.shtml if the text in your department's home page touches the left border of the page.

Change the line




so put 5 pixels of space between the edge of the table cell and the cell's contents and define the width so that the text doesn't fall off the background.

The file main.html gets loaded from index.shtml which contains the 4 manditory containers, i.e., HTML, HEAD, TITLE, BODY.

So main.html should only include what you want in the body of the page.

Typically main.html includes links to the pages that you want to make accesible from the URL

Here's the contents of ~vaweb/Training/main.html

<TITLE>VA Internal Training</TITLE>

<H1>VA Internal Training</H1>

<LI><a href="newhire.shtml">New Hire Information</a> <br>
<LI><a href="calendar.shtml">Calendar of Events</a> <br>
<LI><a href="videos.shtml">Video Library</a>

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