Organizing and Formatting Text and Format Text
Demonstrate what you have just learned.

Format the document
to make it more readable by inserting bold headings, horizontal rules. Feel free to use horizontal rules in place of all underlines in the document.
  1. Copy the file ~nblachman/html/consent.txt into your public_html directory and name the file consent.html using the command
    cp ~nblachman/html/consent.txt ~/public_html/consent.html
  2. Examine the document in your browser.
  3. Edit the file consent.html in your favorite text editor or use XEmacs by typing
    xemacs consent.html &
  4. Add paragraph or break tags where needed.
  5. Add headline tags where needed.
  6. Replace each blank line with a horizontal rule. Don't worry if the lines are longer than in the text version of the document.
  7. Save the file.
  8. Exit the editor.
  9. Verify the document for accuracy and visual appeal by reviewing your new page in your browser. Remember to reload or refresh the document in your browser.

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