Moving Files from public_html to ~vaweb

It is recommended that you develop files for the Web in your public_html directory. Then if you make a mistake, it is less likely to be seen by lots of people.

Check that they work as desired by viewing them in your browser.

If the files, links, graphics, buttons, forms, etc. work properly, then copy the files to ~vaweb.

cd fromDirectory
cp files ~vaweb/YourDepartment

Make sure to copy all files and graphics that are used in the pages that you want to put up on VAweb.

You can copy all files whose suffix is .html using * as a wild card character that matches 0 or more characters.

cp *.html ~vaweb/YourDepartment

You can copy all directories recursively and all files that they contain using

cp -r directory ~vaweb/YourDepartment

After you have put your files in the ~vaweb directory, examine the files, graphics, links, forms, etc. in your browser and make sure that they work properly.

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