List Attributes for Ordered and Unordered Lists

Using the attribute TYPE defines the type of bullet or numbering style.

  1. In unordered lists, TYPE can assume the value DISC, CIRCLE, or SQUARE.

    <LI> Item One.
    <LI> Item Two.

    diplays as

    1. Item One.
    2. Item Two.

  2. In ordered lists, TYPE defaults to Arabic numbers, but can be set to the alphabet or Roman numerals.

    TYPE=1 Arabic numbers 1,2,3
    TYPE=a lower alpha a,b,c
    TYPE=A upper alpha A,B,C
    TYPE=i lower Roman i,ii,iii
    TYPE=I upper Roman I,II,III

    <OL TYPE=I>
    <LI> Item One.
    <LI> Item Two.
    <LI> Item Three.

    diplays as

    1. Item One.
    2. Item Two.
    3. Item Three.

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