The IMG Tag
Learn how to insert an image on a Web page.

Holiday Animated Penguin

Use the IMG tag for inserting a graphics image on a Web page. The SRC attribute specifies the image source file.
<IMG SRC="imageName"
ALT="Description of image">

imageName  is URL of the image file.

  • You can link to an image file in another directory by specifying the relative path from the current document to the linked image. I encourage you to put your images in a separate directory from your HTML documents, e.g., ~/public_html/images
    <IMG SRC="images/dancingPenguin.gif"
    ALT="Dancing penguin with shades">
  • You can link to an image using an absolute path name.
    <IMG SRC="" ALT="Dancing penguin with shades">
The suffix of the file name should correspond to the type of image you are displaying.
The image name must end with .gif
X Bitmap
The image name must end with .xbm
The image name must end with .jpg or .jpeg
The image name must end with .png
The ALT attribute lets you specify text to be displayed instead of an image or if you move your mouse on top of the image in some browers.
<IMG SRC="imageName ALT="Description of graphic">

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