Getting Permission
Learn how to get permission to put pages up in your department's VAweb directory.

You can put a file in a directory only if you have been granted permission to do so.

Using ls -ld you can examine permissions on a directory.

ls -ld ~vaweb/Training
drwxrwsr-x 17 root trainwww 3072 Apr 7 13:28 /home/vaweb/Training

The directory is owned by root (superuser), who has permission to read, write, and execute files in that directory, as is indiated by the left-most


The directory belongs to the group

Members of that group can read, write, and execute files in the directory, as is indicated by the
that is just left of the permissions for the owner.

Using the command groups you can check what groups you are a member of.

groups nblachman
blachman : nblachman saleswww trainwww linux3

Since I am a member of the groups nblachaman
group, I have permission to put files in the directory


If you are not in the group to which your departments VAweb directory is assigned, submit an IS request asking to be added to the group.

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