Recap: What We Have Covered
What you can do with what you have learned.

Here is a summary of many of the constructs we have covered in this class.

Where to install your HTML files
Put a directory of files up on the Web
  • The files need not be HTML.
  • If there is a README file in the directory, the browser will show its contents below the files themselves.
Create HTML
  • Convert documents to HTML from StarOffice, Word, or other programs.
  • Create a page using Netscape Composer.
  • Write HTML directly using a text editor.
View HTML source
  • Click with your right button inside the desired frame.
  • Then select the menu item View Page Source.
The basic HTML framework
         <TITLE> Page Title </TITLE>
          Text of document.

Change colors
There are 16 color names recognized by most browers.
Black Maroon Green Olive
Navy Purple Teal Gray
Red Lime Yellow Blue
Fuchsia Aqua White Silver
For example, to change the background color to aqua, use
You can also specify a color using a 6-digit number/letter combination, which represents the RGB (red, green blue) value, 2 digits for each color preceded by a "#". For example, #000000 is black, #FF00000 is bright red, #0000FF is bright blue.
Insert line breaks and paragraphs
HTML ignores carriage returns in your text.
Insert a single carriage return
Insert 2 carriage returns, which inserts s a bit of vertical space, typically used between paragraphs.
Change the position
<CENTER>Centered</CENTER> for centering text or an image.
Create headings
There are 6 levels of headings

<H1>Heading 1</H1>

<H2>Heading 2</H2>

<H3>Heading 3</H3>

<H4>Heading 4</H4>

<H5>Heading 5</H5>
<H6>Heading 6</H6>
Change the alignment of these headings with the attribute ALIGN, e.g.,

<H1 ALIGN=LEFT>Heading 1</H1>

<H2 ALIGN=CENTER>Heading 2</H2>

<H3 ALIGN=RIGHT>Heading 3</H3>

Change the appearance of text.
<B>Bold Italic</I></B>
<BIG>Big Font</BIG>
<SMALL>Small Font</SMALL>
<STRIKE>Strike-through</STRIKE> or <S>Strike-through</S>
<PRE>Preformatted text</PRE>
Change font face, size, and color.
<FONT FACE="face1,face2" SIZE="±n" COLOR=name>
Create a list
There are three types of lists: unordered (<ul>), ordered (<ol>), and definition (<dl>).
<LI> Item One.
<LI> Item Two.
<LI> Item Three.

diplays as

  • Item One.
  • Item Two.
  • Item Three.

<LI> Item One.
<LI> Item Two.
<LI> Item Three.

diplays as

  1. Item One.
  2. Item Two.
  3. Item Three.

<DD> World Wide Web
<DD> HyperText Markup Language
diplays as

World Wide Web
HyperText Markup Language

Insert an image
<IMG SRC="imageName"
HEIGHT=n WIDTH=n ALT="Description of image">
Insert a background image
Create a hyperlink
<A HREF="link">hypertext link text</A>
<A HREF="link"><IMG SRC="imageFile" ALT="description"></A>

There are many more constructs, which you can learn about on the Web or reading an HTML book.

I recommend the book

Teach Yourself Web Publishing with HTML 4 in 21 Days by Laura Lemay

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